Getting Cozy


Posted by Megan

After three long, never ending days of driving from Phoenix, Arizona to beautiful Nashville, Tennessee, I can finally say I am home! Many of my friends and family members have asked me where exactly Brooke and I staying, and how we can afford it. Instead of a traditional lease or student housing, we found an Airbnb offering a great deal for a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment. The up-front price included utilities, furniture, cable and parking. We are staying in a tucked-away neighborhood, near Belmont University.

As I am writing this, I am slowly unpacking and decorating my room. I went for a country-chic vibe when putting my room together (pictured above) with a pastel pink comforter from my favorite place ever, Ross, for a whopping $29. This was my only major purchase for my new space.

It sure was a challenge getting all of my treasures inside this small space, but this amazing high ceiling and wall-to-wall windows made it all worth it. There is a beautiful set of French doors leading into the living room, complete with polished wood floors. My bedroom also houses a closet, a dresser that cradles my ancient record player, and a wooden crate overflowing with records.

Pictured below are more photos of our space.




4 thoughts on “Getting Cozy

  1. Hooray Meg. It is beautiful! Like the colors you chose. So happy you are there and getting started! Thanks for including me on your blog…I hope you get this back. G in CO

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